Be Tech ScholarsEquality Can't Wait Challenge

$40 million to help expand women's power and influence in the United States by 2030

CU Leeds BE Tech Scholars and associates are participating in the Equality Can’t Wait Challenge by presenting solutions that will increase the power and influence of women in their homes, workplaces and communities.

As students, professors, alumni and entrepreneurs who live and breathe the mission of BE Tech every day, there is no group of individuals better suited to meet this challenge with a wealth of innovative, transformative and scalable potential technology solutions.

Share an idea you or a group of peers have using the form on this page by Friday, September 18th, 2020. We’ll be evaluating and selecting the strongest contenders for submission to the official Equality Can’t Wait challenge on or before September 22nd. Multiple submissions are welcome.

Ideal solutions will live up to the vision of the BE Tech Scholars program, and target key strategic approaches and challenges, outlined here and in detail at the links provided.

Winning ideas will be awarded a grant of up to $10 million each, to be paid out over 5 years, and an additional $10 million will be allocated among finalists and determined at the award decision stage.

BE Tech Main Challenges

Transformative, Scalable Solutions: This metric will assess our solution design and its potential to scale nationally. How can we create a scalable solution? Who are natural additional stakeholders, and what are the challenges and barriers to scalability?

Technology Enrichment Differentiators: What technology enrichment or skill development would differentiate BE Tech Scholars? How would it increase our students’ power and influence? Is it sustainable? What resources and partnerships would need to be formed?

Additional Details

BE Tech Scholars Roundtable - A full overview of the BE Tech Scholars program and the Equality Can’t Wait Challenge.

BE Tech Scholars Strategic Areas of Focus - Details on the mission and vision of BE Tech, and BE Tech idea submission criteria.

Equality Can’t Wait Organizational Readiness Tool - Assess your idea’s quality with the official readiness tool of the ECW challenge.

Submit your idea

Contributing an Idea

Deadline for submissions is Friday, September 18th. Ideas submitted should strongly consider one or many of the following strategic areas of focus.

  • Dismantle barriers
  • Call society to action
  • Fast track women in critical sectors
  • Scale nationally
  • Differentiate with technology enrichment and skill development
  • Transform the current landscape

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